Why ReEditPro?

Suppose you use Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based typing assistant applications like Grammarly or Chat-GPT for researching and writing your latest project. In that case, you might feel confident about crafting a decent essay, resume, personal statement, research paper, or what have you. After all, the sentences should be grammatically correct, and you’ve changed words based on these AI tools’ suggestions. You should be fine without the help of a professional proofreader or copy editor. Or should you?

Research on using AI chatbots for research papers puts most attempts at a B or B+ grade. My grandson’s experience using Chat-GPT to help with a history quiz (by copying and pasting the questions into the chatbot) resulted in a grade of 75. So, if your goal is just to put words to paper or pass a quiz with at least a 70, you’re good to go–as long as it passes your teacher’s plagiarism check.

ReEditPro services are for clients who need more than “just a good enough” result. When a request comes in, our professional proofreaders and copy editors first correct all spelling and grammar errors to improve the clarity and readability of the document. They then look at the content of your paper and what you’re trying to convey to ensure it is logically organized and makes sense. They do this by suggesting better word choices, rearranging content, or adding phrases or transitions to the piece. They may recommend you delete or add other sentences.

Throughout the process, you work with a real person, a professional who cares about your project and wants the best for you. Our services start at $25 for a 1000-word or less proofreading, grammar, citation, and plagiarism check, with three follow-up questions.

Is your project important enough to spend the equivalent of a fast-food meal for two at McDonald’s? If so, send us a query or upload your document for fast, efficient service.

Happy writing!

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