Why hire a legal proofreader and copyeditor?

I have enjoyed working in the legal proofreading and copyediting business for the past five years. Using my law degree has helped me build a business that includes, but is not limited to, personal injury, divorce, contracts, civil litigation, and probate.

Accuracy in drafting is of paramount importance when dealing with legal documents. A typo or grammatical error can have serious financial consequences for a client or may even jeopardize their case. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in legal research, document generation, and legal analysis can provide the framework for a legal document, still a real person with research, proofreading, and copyediting skills is necessary to make sure that the final document is legally above approach.

That is why I take my work very seriously. I have a keen eye for detail and am up-to-date on the latest legal terminology and formatting standards. Understanding the law allows me to identify and correct potential errors, which includes checking for clarity, conciseness, and overall readability. I can also help you improve your writing style and ensure your documents are consistent.

I specialize in legal pleadings, documents, correspondence, trial briefs, hearing pleadings, and briefs in many legal fields, as well as divorce documents. I have drafted legal contracts for many years, and the subsequent documents and correspondence generated are very lengthy and require much time proofreading and copyediting. Having specific legal knowledge in your field as a paralegal, law clerk or attorney, we can give you the confidence you need to streamline and grow your legal business.

If you’re looking for a professional legal proofreader or copy editor, we would be happy to help. We offer a free consultation to discuss your specific needs and a firm quote. Contact us today to learn more from one of our legal staff.

Hiring a professional, freelance legal proofreader is a wise investment that can help ensure your legal documents’ accuracy, clarity, and professionalism. I look forward to discussing how we can help!


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