Who are we?

Principal partners at ReEditPro have a law degree, masters degrees (communication/education), and have served as an attorney and paralegal, magazine publisher/editor, an author and commercial fiction editor, produced newsletters, brochure copy, and annual reports.

Our writers and editors bring years of experience in legal, commercial editing, advertising, business marketing and academia. Every customer, regardless of project, receives the same personalized service, a guaranteed deadline, and a quality product with free revisions. Give us a try!

Our editors carry certifications in copyediting and proofreading.

Blog And News

Working with authors

Writing a novel is a labor of love. I like to compare birthing a book to birthing a baby.

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Why hire a legal proofreader and copyeditor?

I have enjoyed working in the legal proofreading and copyediting.

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Why ReEditPro?

Suppose you use Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based typing assistant applications.

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